History, dirt, duality, home improvement, architecture, 2020 Olympics, fidget spinners, housing, and rankings.

This is an interesting long read about the heavily cloaked development of the iPhone.

Who could use this when showing their listings?

With this house, you don’t have to choose between the US and Canada! Chris Connelly 2011 Chris Connelly/flickr/2011

Summer is an opportune time for some sweat equity!

A Frank Lloyd Wright house saved and given new purpose.

Wonder what a Vanderbilt considered a petite chateau? Wonder no longer.

Walk, Don’t Run to get your 2020 Tokyo Olympics…stationary?

At some point fidget spinners will go the way of slap bracelets and Pogs, right?

This group has taken a new approach to community living to combat the high housing costs of Silicon Valley.

Ready to lose half a day? Here’s a ranking of all 213 Beatles songs.

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